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RealMaps by Kevin Millican
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"RealMaps is a mature mapping utility with enough guidance and forethought to help even beginners become competent cartographers and navigators." (Palmtop magazine issue 28)

Version 5.13 Released

Major updates :-

  • Improved map referencing and translation - faster and more accurate with skewed maps.
  • Grid option improved to work better in degrees+minutes(+seconds) mode. The grid spacing and colour can also be specified.
  • Added support for the additional serial port on netBook and Series 7. This should allow PCMCIA and CF (via PCMCIA adapter) GPS units to be used.
  • Added a facility to send a text file to the serial port before beginning moving map mode. The text file should be named rs232.txt and copied to the \system\apps\realmaps\ folder. This allows commands to be sent to the GPS (eg. to switch on NMEA mode on some SIRF units) prior to reading from the port.
  • Added a colour icon for netBook and Series 7 users.
  • Added automatic analysis of map referencing to spot and advise most common errors when defining points, loading a map, or manually when 'D' is pressed to display the information.
  • Added support for UTM coordinates.

RealMaps is a raster map display application for EPOC and SIBO palmtop computers and offers the following features :-

  • Seamlessly integrates maps from many different sources together into a zoomable tapestry - fully optimised to the users requirements.
  • Enhanced GPS Moving Map support for most NMEA variants including playback.
  • Fully working shareware.
  • Great circle distance and track calculations.
  • Text and line vector overlay facility.
  • Can generate rough coastline outline maps anywhere in the world.
  • Can produce detailed coastline maps from internet data.
  • Can be configured as a position-referenced database application.
New Maps available for Colour machines

Tutorial on Creating Maps from Internet Data
Limits of the four-point referencing system

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