Revision History

Latest Versions 3.02/5.13 - Now Available


Initial Release


Improved GPS reading to cope with (hopefully) all systems. Can now use several types of NMEA sentence. 


Fixed bug that prevented RealMaps from being able to use maps stored on drive D:

Fixed bug that prevented RealMaps from being shut down by the system screen. 

1.08 (This version onwards can use the same INI file)

Revamped the handling of flash disks (again) - although this did work, too many users were still having problems. I have therefore removed the restriction that prevents RealMaps from being installed solely on drive D: and improved the startup dialog that allows the user to specify where the maps are located.


Fixed the Helpfile handling routines so that you can use the 'Go Back' button instead of having to close the help each time it is used.

Added the ability to drag maps around with the pen.

Improved handling of smaller-than-screen images.

Added option to use 16-colour screen (16 colour MBMs scroll much faster and look better with this option switched on but it slows down 4 colour images)


Modified the 'About' dialog to show that the software is registered.

Added the facility to create 'Hot Zones'. These are datafiles that are created from within RealMaps and are specific to each map image. A trivial use of these hot zones is to create additional names that are local to the particular map, although generally it is far better to just to add these permanently to the image. The more useful application of these Hot Zones is to store additional data about particular regions in one of the following formats :-

This extends the capability of RealMaps so that it can be used as a Geographically-Arranged DataBase, applications include surveying, local tourist information, census information, data-capture, materials-handling/storekeeping, sales contacts, plant-maintenance (I could go on forever here)... anything that involves storing data by it's location.

The attachment files also reside in the users ...\MapInfo directory.

Additional GPS information is now available using $GPRMC or $GPGGA sentences :-


Fixed a minor problem displaying maps with one (but not two) dimensions smaller than the screen. Also enabled dragging of such images using the pen like the large maps but in one direction only.


Added additional keyboard shortcuts (shift-P for 'Find Place' and Z to enable HotZones)

Added registered user name to title screen and shareware reminders on loading and exiting the program - thus making latest version available for download to all.


Added the ability to register within the program.


Added option to trace GPS movement onto the underlining map. This gives RealMaps the ability to create maps automatically by driving around with a GPS running.

Added ability to annotate maps with additional text that can be permanently saved if desired.

Added facility to save annotated/traced maps.


Extracted all the menu, dialog, and message strings to a separate file RM-RSC; this is directly editable with the Psion's Data application. This resource can be translated to allow international support. I already have someone working on a Swedish version. Anyone wishing to help me create other international versions of RealMaps please email me for more details. Assistance will be rewarded with a free registration and an acknowledgement on my web pages when the new version is posted.

The last string used in a 'Find Place' is now entered as the default annotation making it easier to add placenames permanently to a map.

The speed units shown by the GPS 'Extra Info' may be displayed in mph or km/hr.

An option to display the current map status has been added. A fix routine has been added to this; in the event that reference points are defined the wrong way round, RealMaps can (usually) fix the problems so that maps zoom correctly.

Open, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Last Waypoint, Next Waypoint have been added to the keypress options in GPS mode.

Changes have been made to the GPS routines to avoid unhelpful error messages with some GPS systems. The function of the 'Ignore Errors' option has been changed to take account of this.

The reading of the ??GLL NMEA sentence has been fixed so that it works correctly in western longitudes.


Supports more than one language resource file selectable from the menu. Spanish, French, Swedish, & US English are also included in this release.

Further speed improvements to GPS read routines particularly with regard to handling errors in the incoming data stream. This is a major overhaul, hence the decision to leave v1.15 available above.

Fixed bug that prevented min/max map extents being set correctly on first definition.

Added an additional feature to the 'Add' menu - Country/Capital/Cities may now be semi-permanently overlaid on maps.

Added check and auto-fix for WorldCities.S5 in case handling it on other machines converts it to DOS 8.3 file format.


Significant improvements to the GPS routine - will now exit cleanly even if the serial port is disconnected. This version is an intermediate and won't actually be released.


Added logging and playback of GPS data.

Added vector overlay feature.

Added Printing of maps and screens.

Modified helpfile to include revision date for each field (helpful for translators)

Support for 2 colour images

Auto-selection of colour mode.

v1.19 - Version Number Skipped to Save Intermediate

Added patch routine so that saved bitmap images are directly usable with BMCONV

Modified bitmap save routine so that it checks for success before deleting old version.

Improved SW / NW point referencing and added facility to jump to the current map extremities.

Added routine to quickly save current cursor co-ordinates to a text file with an optional text string (useful for making overlays)

N,S,E,W now in resource file so that they can be changed to country-specific strings (eg. N,S,E,O for France)

Added facility to calculate distance to the current marked point (also moved gps speed units to more general 'Distance Units' setting in the cursor step dialog box)

Made the 'persistent' co-ordinates larger in response to a user request.

User preferences (eg GPS settings, persistent co-ordinates, distance units etc.) are now retained.

More than one help file can be used - country-specific help files should now be renamed, eg. RealMaps-F.HLP for France, RealMaps-D.HLP for Germany etc. Switching the current language resource will switch to the appropriate country-specific help file if one exists or default to RealMaps.HLP

Added the facility to set the display format for lat/long degrees to 0°00.00', 0°00.000', or 0.00000° and it now affects all position and status displays. The setting is also saved as a preference.

Added a patch routine to the 'Save Map' feature which stores the reference information at the end of the map data. This removes the need to use '*.RMi' info files when distributing maps. The loading and saving of 'Info' files will be removed from later revisions but they are retained for now.


Fixed bug that prevents GPS from working correctly if a comma is used for the decimal divider instead of a point (see international settings in the Control Panel).

Added variable delay time to GPS log.

Series 3a/3c/3mx Version 3.01b made available includes the following features :-

New plain text overlay files make it easier to transfer information and use GIS information downloaded directly from the web. This is a very versatile format handling the following types :-


Last updated 13th September 2003

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