Utilities for RealMaps

 Here are a few extra bits that some people may find useful:-




Converts MapperGB overlays to RealMaps format. (Steve Litchfield has kindly allowed the posting of this utility - you can visit his Web Page and try out the various Mapper applications and see further information on Mapping /GIS systems for the Psion) . Steve's pages are always interesting and contain a wealth of information on all things Psion.


Converts RealMaps overlays to tab-delimited text format. You may need this if you wish to edit any automatically converted overlays such as those created by MGB2RMV.opo or other utilities currently in development. You don't need this if you create RealMaps overlays using the Data application.

I hope to include conversion routines here for a number of formats in the future, including Route Planner. These will eventually be in both directions but as there is very little RealMaps overlay data as yet, I hope other program writers will forgive me for working on the 'to RealMaps' conversions first !

Last updated 12 March 1999

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