Using RealMaps with PsiGar5

RealMaps v5.07+ will communicate with the registered version of PsiGar5 v5.05+ so that waypoints can be selected on the RealMaps screen and then details are added and the waypoint stored using PsiGar5.

The screenshots below illustrate how this is achieved :-

1. Select the 'Edit Waypoint file as ddd.ddddd°' mode in PsiGar5

2. After selecting the appropriate waypoint file you will see the following screen :-

3. Press Ctrl-R and press OK to switch applications :-

4. Now move to the desired point in RealMaps and press the Enter key to mark the position :-

5. PsiGar5 will come to the foreground, enter the waypoint name and click on OK :-

6. You then have the option of staying with PsiGar5 or returning to RealMaps :-

This process can be repeated to enter a whole series of waypoints and then PsiGar5 can be used to upload these to a Garmin GPS.

You will also note that you can switch to RealMaps from PsiGar5 and vice-versa using the menu options from each program.

Last updated 6 August 2000

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