Additional 'RealMaps' Bitmap Files

NB: v5.10+ can exchange maps between the WINS emulator and a real EPOC device so all of these maps should work on any system except the colour map below; this will work on any ER5 machine (ie. not ER3) but will scroll slowly on mono devices.

Very Large 256 Colour World and European Maps for Series 7/netBook/WINS Emulator (1.1MB)

Small area from World2c.mbm

Zip file contains two world maps and one of Europe.

Large Colour World Terrain Map for Series 7/Netbook/WINS Emulator (383KB) :-

Large (!) road map of the UK and Eire (236KB)

Example map of Lowestoft/Gt Yarmouth Area Produced by RealMaps + Sample GPS Log (39KB)

View the above map as a GIF

Aspect-corrected map of the Baltic Region (111KB)

Aspect-corrected maps of the British Isles including a fairly large one suitable for overlays (138KB)

Sample RMV-style overlays from Steve Litchfield's MapperGB Program (112KB) Ideal for the above maps

USA - Tiger Maps Examples of Washington and Surrounding Area (239KB):-

(US users are spoilt here - Tiger Maps are freely available on the web covering any region of interest)

 English Channel and Poole Harbour Area (34KB)

USA and close-ups of Florida and Miami Coasts (57KB)

The US/Canadian Great Lakes (31KB)

The South-West Scottish Coast and Islands (35KB)

The Mediterranean (47KB)

Japan (83KB)

Last updated 13th September 2003

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