RealMaps - GPS Moving Map Comparisons

RealMaps v5.03 using a map downloaded from MapQuest on the Internet. Map was referenced using two points taken from AA Milemaster, and yes I am on the bridge (!).

Moving Map using Palmtop's Route Planner Millenium (maximum detail map of GB and Eire) - actual position is also halfway across Waterloo Bridge. Update : Version 2.11 allows you to shift the GPS position up to 500m in each direction using the new calibrate option. I adjusted mine to suit my local area (Lowestoft - which entailed a shift of -50m E, 250m N) but if I were to apply this to the example below it would be even worse. I checked this out and it appears that the Route planner road nodes are typically accurate to about 250m and always to within 500m, but the error is not in one consistent direction. However, this new feature may still be useful if applied to local conditions; 500m is more than enough to adjust this position back onto the bridge.

 Now I have to say that although RealMaps is capable of very high precision when needed, Route Planner is a truly excellent piece of software allowing you to plan a route and navigate anywhere in Europe - highly recommended if your main application is road-based, but less so for other purposes such as marine or sports use. They also market another application called Street Planner which permits much higher detail levels. I don't own this but here are some screenshot's from their website :-

This is Steve Litchfield's excellent Mapper London for the Series 3. I'd have liked to have tried the Series 5 version but the GPS moving map is currently disabled in that one. The GPS moving map is much better implemented than that of Route Planner for the Series 3 and the entire installation is less than 256KB.

I'm pleased to report that this one's on the bridge Steve !

This is Microsoft's discontinued Autoroute for the Series 3 running with Mike Rudin's AutoGPS utility:-

Not bad, if you need route planning in the UK or US for a Series 3 and want to use it with a GPS unit then this is more responsive than Palmtop's offering - if you can still find a copy !

Here is RealMaps for the Series 3 using a 60KB (848W x 584H) map of central London downloaded from MapQuest again.

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Last Updated 16 February 2000