RealMaps Downloads Page (EPOC)

Download RealMaps (v5.13) for EPOC (Zipped SIS 322KB)
Download RealMaps (v5.13) for WINS Emulator (Zipped SIS 314KB)

Download (119KB) - External Program Demonstration (Sound !)

RMexDemo illustrates how programmers can easily link into the RealMaps GPS information and/or jump marker to provide additional facilities. The demonstration takes the form of a fully working program that is run from the extras bar to produce verbal messages such as 'New Waypoint', 'Arrived', Speeding (!), optional speed bands at 30, 40, 50 etc. You can even add sound files matching your waypoint names to enhance the system. The demonstration comes complete with full and bare bones source codes for programmers. (205KB)

(RealMaps 5.02+ can produce a rough coastal outline for anywhere in the world using this specially packed overlay)
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Last updated 13th September 2003

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