RealMaps for the Psion 3a/3c/3mx

RealMaps for Series 3a/3c/3mx machines v3.02 is now available.

Virtually all the features have been ported across from the EPOC32 version. Map size is limited by the SIBO 64KB memory block size / PIC file format but this still allows maps of about 720 pixels square which is more than adequate. You can get a taster from the screen shots below:-

Channel.PIC (900x 560)

World.PIC (1080x449) - 'Find Place' Option

Moving map.

This development is in response to a number of requests from prospective users, surprisingly including a few who already use the Series 5 version, but I must also admit a soft spot for my own 3c !

Registered users of the EPOC32 version are automatically registered to use the SIBO version and vice-versa.

For more generic information on RealMaps, please look at the overview

Last updated 17 February 2000